Yowie Bay Feature Tree Garden

The Brief:
This Garden was a part of a complete renovation to the property, with a new layout to the house and a view out into the backyard the beautiful Mango tree became the focus of this family garden. The existing garden was a typical older suburban yard with lawn and hills hoist. The Garden needed to be simple and easy to maintain, with two children and very busy schedules this was very important. The Clients wanted to retain some edible garden beds, create level lawn areas for the kids to play on, and create useful entertainment spaces using the planned back deck and existing concrete slab. The Back studio needed to remain accessible

The Design:
The only mature plant was the existing Mango tree, looking a bit starved for attention but in a perfect position as a central feature.
Plants were chosen for bold foliage and low maintenance, screening created using bamboo and so gorgeous feature Imperial Bromeliads matching in the with tropical style of the Mango Tree and bold foliage plants. Within only a month of completion the Mango tree looked happy and healthy in its new surroundings.

We’re looking forward to seeing this garden grow and mature through the years.