Cronulla Beach Side Villa Garden

This beach side garden is situated just steps away from Cronulla beach. The brief called for a coastal garden suitable for the client’s beachside lifestyle and young family.

Minimal styling

A tropical style was used for the minimal planting scheme and furniture kept to a minimum using built in floating seating. A contrast to the before photos where furniture cluttered the rear courtyard and made entertaining difficult. An outdoor shower makes quick trips to the beach easy and minimises mess inside.High end finishes but a simple, uncluttered design maximises the space and flow in rear and front courtyards. A contrast of surface materials creates interest and compliments the different with uses for each area, flow, entertainment, relaxation and play.

Durable Materials

Composite decking and stainless fittings for shower and lighting ensure longevity in the tough climatic conditions or high winds and salt. Custom concrete paving in a basketweave pattern give a clean, simplified texture to the rear courtyard.


The clients were very happy to have their garden just in time for Christmas summer break!